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This is just to make it easier for everyone.  I know many people don’t have Facebook, so this is for them so they can be up to date on events happening at Lights-Out-MMA.

1 day ago
Gym Is My Love

Gym Closed? Don't Lose Gains. Try these home workouts.


2 days ago

We are experiencing a problem with the phone at the current time. please use email to contact us.

3 days ago
Bjj Tips

Renzo Gracie Leg Lock Attacks

4 days ago

Thanks for flying Greco Airlines ✈

4 days ago
Jiu Jitsu Legacy

Would you be able to do it as smooth as @collierjudomethod?

4 days ago

Hey guys.... Since we are unable to train in realtime. There are old class videos that can be watched on our website that cover almost everything under the sun. ... See more

THIS AREA IS FOR STUDENTS ONLY:   There may be some duplicate names on this list.   this is a compilation…

1 week ago
Jiu Jitsu Legacy

When your favourite rolling partners are also staying home and binging movies and snacks are getting to you 😂

1 week ago
Jiu-Jitsu Magazine

Our good friend Jiujitsoul shows some great solo drills while in isolation to keep you sharp for your return back to the mat space. He also posted...
Along with your hygiene, a good Diet, exercise ... See more

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