CLASS SCHEDULE Kickboxing, muay Thai


  6 P.M. TO 7 P.M.



                                                            6 P.M. TO 7 P.M.

     Kickboxing is a martial art in which it combines kicking with feet with conventional boxing.  As a result, the entire body is also stressed during training and trained extensively.  Strength, endurance, speed, and coordination for the arms and legs are trained.  At the same time, fitness is increased: Kickboxing trains reflexes and concentration and promotes persistence, self-confidence, and courage.  

     Kickboxing classes are a mixture of different levels of skills.  We will show new members the basic form and technique needed to perform a variety of striking combos.  Staff are patient and take the time to make sure that the new member is doing the proper technique.  Emphasizing technique is always before power.KICKBOXING

     Our classes are known for willpower, commitment and success in kickboxing.  We would like to pass on our knowledge to you.  Here we want to promote talents and give a place to martial arts enthusiasts and offer martial arts as a popular sport.

     It is important to us not only to have a good workout but also a well-groomed togetherness.

     This means that mutual respect and consideration are just as important as discipline and ambition.  Whether you are a female or male, beginner or competitive athlete, young or old, at Lights-Out-MMA, all feel comfortable and will have fun in martial arts.

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Our instructors offer classes for beginners, as well for the advanced.

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