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    7 P.M. TO 8 P.M.



                                                                    7 P.M. TO 8 P.M.   

     People compare Boxing to fencing with fists; The pure physique of a boxer is overrated here.  Technical skill is one of the four pillars on which “THE SWEET SCIENCE” is based.  Tactics, condition, and psyche are the three other basic elements that have to mesh like a gear to become a complete boxer. 

     Footwork is the foundation that combines stability and agility.  The approach for each stroke arises in the feet; the hip is pivotal; The arms serve as carriers of the body mass, which expedites the impact results.   Boxing is a constant interplay of tension and relaxation: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.  Rehearsing movement sequences, putting them together and putting them together in series and combinations results in a smooth image of strength and lightness.  BOXING

     Coordination, agility, strength, explosiveness, speed, and endurance are buzz words from the physique.  It is always important to cross physical and mental boundaries, so we must train the mind.  The psyche is ultimately the crucial element for a duel in the ring.  Self-assessment, willpower, discipline, respect, and responsibility are just some aspects we teach here and that contribute to character building. 

     Whether beginner or competitor, recreational athlete or professional boxer, man or woman.  Lights-Out-MMA trains hard but fairly.  The sport is in the foreground and not the fight. Never fighting against anyone, but always for something is the approach that Lights-Out-MMA shares with “THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME”!

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